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U3A South Coast is a non-profit, incorporated body of the 'Third Age' sector of our community.  We are generally over 50, retired or part time working.  We share educational, creative and leisure activities as lifelong learners.

About U3A South Coast


The University of the Third Age movement began in France in the 1970s and spread enthusiastically throughout Europe and North America.  The first  U3A in Australian established in 1984.


U3A is now active in most Australian states across cities and regional areas, where, like us, learning cooperatives draw upon the knowledge, experience, skills and enthusiasm of their own members.

Our U3A incorporated on 31 May, 1987 and although the Management and Program Committees meet in Victor Harbor, and the majority of presentations are held there, our groups gather along the coast from Goolwa to Victor.

We offer opportunities to learn, create, inform and socialise in a collaborative environment that contributes to members' overall health and well-being.

Our members have formed interest groups covering a wide a range of topics and activities, presented by  members for members.


We make no distinction between learners, presenters or group leaders. We are all what makes U3A.


Ways that you can become involved

We have a role for you, please contact us if you can assist in any way

  • Join and Enrol in a course 

  • Assist with Program

  • Planning  Administration 

  • Finance

  • Publicity

  • Group Leader

  • Tutor

  • Audio Visual Assistant 

  • Join the Committee

Management_Committee2a_DSC00578 (2).jpg

U3A South Coast  Management Committee 2022

Pictured Left  to Right (Back row to Front row)

Derek Bowman : Bob Carmichael : Judy Lloyd : Vera Hughes

Angie Bowman : Sue Gelade : Maryanne McGill : Jan Slape & Sue Collett


U3A South Coast  Program Committee 2022

Pictured Left  to Right 

Judy Lloyd : Shari Bubner : Joy Nixon : Maryanne McGill

Peter Nichols : Anne Gray : Carmel Teusner

Images with many thanks to Beth Nixon - Shutterbugs Photography Group

  Management Committee Team 2022


 Bob Carmichael 

 Vice President  

 Vera Hughes


 Jan Slape

 Treasurer / Membership Secretary

 Sue Collett

 Management  Committee Community Member


 Sue Gelade (immediate Past President)

 Judy Lloyd

 Angie Bowman

 Derek Bowman

  Program Committee Team 2022


Maryanne McGill 


Program Committee Members

Joy Nixon

Shari Bubner

Judy Lloyd

Peter Nichols

Anne Gray

Carmel Teusner

  Supporting Members/Volunteers

 IT Support

 Rick Pocklington

 Catering Committee

 Martin Lindsell and Peg McKenny



  Publicity Photographer

  Beth Nixon

 Newsletter Editor

 Anna Kiernan

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