Some of the happy U3A South Coast members at the 2017 Volunteers Lunch, held in September at the Goolwa Hotel

Many of the wonderful U3A South Coast Group Leaders and Office Bearers

       Louise Styles                    Keneatha Pick                       Sacha Ure                      Gayle Northcott              Georgina Cattley

          Helen Koch                         Julian Moore                      Terry Tooth                          Ellie Geach                  Joe Van Dalen

     Antoinette Savory               Patricia Marsland                     Helen Ellemor                       Gail Abercrombie                          Graeme Gepp

                                              Sue Collett                                        Elizabeth Caldicott                                  Diane Donnon

                   U3A         South Coast Christmas Luncheon ~ December 2017

Photography and Publicity....Any photographs taken at U3A South Coast Inc., events may be used for publicity purposes.  If you do not wish your image to be used, please advise the photographer not to include you and, if possible, move to the sidelines to allow photography of the rest of the group.  Failure to do this implies tacit approval of our policy and your inclusion.