The group meets every Monday at Yilki Uniting Church Hall, Giles Street, Encounter Bay from 2.00 to 4.00pm

(re-commenced 20th July to 30th November, 2020 except public and school holidays).

This class is for students who have already studied French with U3A for one or two years or have equivalent knowledge of French.

Group Leader : Madeleine Jenkins

Please contact Madeline via the "contact us" page of this website to see if there are any vacancies.









Due to Covid 19, this group is currently

meeting via Zoom video conferencing.

(re-commenced 3rd August to 7th December, 2020 except for public and school holidays).

Bienvenue au groupe de francais ! We are des personnes enthousiastes determined  to continue our enjoyment of learning and practising la langue francaise, in a structured environment.  We also hold a groupe de conversations each Friday in alternate venues.

Group Leader : Joe Van Dalen

for further information please contact the 'French for Fun' group via the 'contact us' page of this website.







 continuing ~ ITALIAN 

The continuing Italian group meets every Monday at the Historic Motor Vehicles Club, Victor Harbor from 2.00pm to 4.00pm.


(re-commenced 3th July to 7th December, 2020 except for School/Public holidays)

This is a class for those passionate about Italy, the language, history, food, art and culture.  Those interested in joining must have some prior knowledge of Italian.


Group Leader  : Helen Koch

  Please contact group leader Helen via the "contact us" page of this website to discuss if this course is for you.

Beginners' GERMAN

This group meets every Thursday,  

2.00 pm to 4.00pm at the Lutheran Centre (Mirror Room), Adelaide Road, Victor Harbor.

Please Note ...

Beginners German has now been incorporated with the 'continuing German' Group.

This course is for absolute beginners or those who know some German.  We will study the language and culture through song, literature and culture. It will consist of interact lessons with encouragement to succeed and emphasis will be on the five aspects of language : learning, listening, reading, writing and speaking.

Group leader : Colleen Fitzsimons

for further information please contact Colleen via the 'contact us' page of this website








Let's Read Latin

The group meets every Wednesday from 2.00 to 4.00pm at the Lutheran Centre Café,

Adelaide Road, Victor Harbor

(except school holidays)

This language group is suitable for people who have a sound grasp of Latin grammar and who welcome its challenges.  We work together to read and translate passages of Latin text by roman authors guided by the Latin prowess of Peter Tillett.  Revision is covered by studying a text, Lingua Latina, Latin Crosswords and revision grammar sessions.

Enrolments for this group are limited, and prospective new members need to contact  the group coordinator.


Group Coordinator : Joy Nixon

Please message Joy via the "contact us" page of this website if you wish to join this group.






continuing  ~ GERMAN

The group meets every Tuesday at the Lutheran Centre (Mirror room), Adelaide Road, Victor Harbor from 2.00pm to 4.00pm.

  (re-commenced August and runs through to 15th December 2020, excluding April and September School Holidays )


This German course is for those with some/or more advanced knowledge of the language, which will involve study of the culture, literature and song.  This will be done in an interactive lesson in a small class with an emphasis on conversation and encouragement. 

Group Leader : Colleen Fitzsimons


Please contact Colleen via the "contact us" page of this website to enquire about this course.

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