Poetry & Verse -  Play Reading  -  Shakespeare  -  for the Love of Words


Poetry and Verse


2nd Friday of the Month.  

2.00pm to 4.00pm

The group meets at Lutheran Centre Café 

(re-commenced August and runs through to 13th November 2020 )

We all have a bit of poetry in our soul.  Share your remembrances of poetry in a small and supportive discussion group setting, and be introduced to the new and often different visions with which poets through the ages have presented their world. 

Group Leader : Julian Moore


Reading Shakespeare's Plays


Reading Shakespeare's Plays group meets at Uniting Church Conference Room, Goolwa ~ alternate Tuesdays mornings from 10.00am to 12.00 noon.

(re-commenced August and runs through to 17th November, 2020)



This groups is for people who share an interest in Shakespeare and enjoy the opportunity to read his plays in a very informal atmosphere.  A small amount of background information is provided to help things along.  


Group Leader : Terry Tooth

  Please contact Terry via the "contact us" page of this website for further information and/or to be placed on a waiting list.  



Play Reading



The Play reading group meets fortnightly (alternate Tuesdays of the month) from 10.00 am to 12.00 noon.  

(re-commenced August and runs through to 10th November, 2020)


  The group meets at the

Lutheran Centre Café 

This group meets fortnightly to read a wide variety of plays. 

We entertain ourselves by reading parts. 

Texts are provided and everyone is welcome, although numbers may be limited. 

Group Leader : Antoinette Savory

Please contact Group Leader Antionette via the "contact us" page of this website before enrolling. 



For the Love of Words


The group meets every Wednesday at the Community Hub, Goolwa Terrace, Goolwa from 1.30 to 3.30pm

(re-commenced July and runs through to 25th November 2020)

This course will appeal to the abecedarians, logodaedali and sesquipedlians. Join us in a breezy romp through words and phrases in any language, that are unusual, obscure, intriguing , appeal to the senses or are occasionally rude or ugly.  It is rare to have a session without a good cachinnation laced with snorts and guffaws.  Bring along to our sessions any of your own examples of conundrums, word origins or fancy tickling words and facts and maybe leave with onomatomania. 

Group Contact : Beth Nixon

Please contact Beth via the "contact us" page of this website for any further information.


Shakespeare on Film

The group meets on the 4th Wednesday of the Month from 9.30am to 12.30pm

Conference Room, Uniting Church Open Door Centre, Collingwood Street, Goolwa.

(commencing 26th August to 25th November, 2020)

A series of DVD films of some well-known and other lesser known Shakespearean plays                       

February   Taming of the Shrew

March        Twelfth Night

April           Timothy of Athens

May            Midsummer Night's Dream

June          The Tempest

August         The Merry Wives of Windsor

September  The Life and Death of King John

October       A Winter's Tale

November    Love's Labour Lost

Group Leader :  Elizabeth Caldicott

for further information please contact Elizabeth via the 'contact us' page of this website

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