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Music and Dance

Classical Concerts

Venue -  Historic Motor Vehicles Club, cnr Warne and Jolly Streets, Victor Harbor

Monthly on Friday at 2.00 pm

Commencing .. Friday 4th February, 2022

Music can be therapeutic and offers an inner peace to counter the restrictions of the pandemic.  Come and experience beautifully filmed video orchestral performances.  You will gain a richer insight into the players, conductor and composer than if you were actually at the concerts.  These sessions are

open to all members.

Two additional Special Music Presentations for this first Semester  - 'Come Dance with Me' and 'The Battle of Swing'

Co-Ordinator ..  Bryce Koch

for further information please contact Bryce via the 'contact us' page of this website

Come Dance with Me

Friday 11th March 2022 @ 2.00pm

HMVC cnr Warne & Jolly Streets, Victor Harbor


It is innate human nature to respond to musical rhythms and melodies, giving us the urge to dance.  Come on a world video tour to experience the beauty of diverse dance styles in various countries.  Some will be familiar and many others will surprise and delight you.


The Battle of Swing

Friday 13th March, 2022 @ 2.00pm

HMVC cnr Warne & Jolly Streets, Victor Harbor

John Packer Ltd., the English musical brass and woodwind instrument manufacturer, presents a big band “Battle of Swing” concert of Benny Goodman versus Glenn Miller tunes.  These will evoke many feel-good memories of these two great masters of a bygone era of swing jazz.

Line Dancing

Venue -  Anglican Church Hall, Crocker Street, Goolwa

Weekly each Saturday at 10.00am

Commencing .. Saturday 22nd January, 2022

Don’t be alone.  Join our happy Line Dance group.  Make new friends, enjoy music, exercise and lots of laughs.  If you are unable to do certain moves we can help you with an alternative.  Wear comfortable shoes.  A water bottle is needed.  Suits beginners and upwards and any gender, any age are all very welcome.  See you on the dance floor.  Yee ha!

Co-Ordinator ..  Shirley Palmer

for further information please contact Shirley via the 'contact us' page of this website

Line Dancing - Intermediate

Venue - Lutheran Centre, 21 Adelaide Road, McCracken

Weekly each Thursday at 2.00pm

Commencing .. Thursday 20th January, 2022

Come along and enjoy this popular form of dance.  We will be reviving some of the favourite dances from the early days of Line Dancing, as well as learning new ones.  Absolute beginners might benefit from attending our Saturday morning class at Goolwa.  This class is open to new members.

Co-Ordinator ..  Sue Collett

for further information please contact Sue via the 'contact us' page of this website

Opera and Ballet

Venue - Signal Point Theatrette, Signal Point Gallery ... Goolwa Wharf Precinct 

Monthly - 2nd Wednesday of each Month at 1.00pm

Commencing .. Wednesday 9th February, 2022

Our program includes a range of classic opera and ballets, and some more recent productions. They are screened on alternate months. 

Each is introduced by the coordinator who covers some history of the plot, performance and composer.  There is an interval break in the afternoon. 

Co-Ordinator .. Helen Ellemor or Mignon England

for further information please contact Helen or Mignon via the 'contact us ' page of this website.

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